Start Saving for Tomorrow… Today!

It is suggested that a person have two to three months of living costs saved up. This includes the mortgage payment, bill payments, car payments, cost of food, etc. The theory behind this is that should something happen, two to three months should be enough time to find another job. But while you are looking for another job, everything must still be paid for, on time.

Getting out of debt is an important piece of savings. If you don’t have to make credit card payments every month, you are more able to save money.

One woman is especially good at telling it like it is to people who can’t seem to manage their money. You’ve probably heard of her if you’ve been researching money issues. Suze Orman has great tips for everything money. She asks people to consider whether or not they can really afford the things they want. If you think the answer MIGHT be no, don’t buy it.

Debt can spiral out of control. It is in your best interest to get it paid off as soon as possible. If the only person you owe is yourself, then yes, you can afford it! Getting credit card debts paid off is number one. After that, saving will be a snap!

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